Ashtanga I will offer an in-depth look at the fundamentals that make up Ashtanga yoga. Beginners and new practitioners can benefit from 'learning by doing' in a welcoming environment with valuable insight into how this style of yoga works. Here we will look at the powerful combination of breath, alignment and gaze (referred to as the Tristana method) and see first hand how this can bring a whole new meaning and dynamic to the postures we do. This will allow students to move forward safely from a place of strength, confidence and enjoyment in their own individual practice!

This guided class offers a deeper exploration of the Primary series in Ashtanga yoga, a set sequence of asanas (yoga postures) designed to build strength and flexibility over time with dedicated practice. We will take a journey through some of the more challenging postures of the Primary Series and how this can create a foundation for a more advanced practice in the future.  

Prepare to sweat as this practice is known to build internal heat! Ashtanga II is a great chance to take your practice to the next level and build stamina by working through the dynamic sequence of postures. As we flow through a progressive series of postures, you will find this class is a perfect balance between movement and meditation by providing a gateway to a quiet and steady mind through the physical experience of yoga.

If you have never attended a yoga class before, or are new to Ashtanga yoga, start here! In this class, your teacher will introduce you step-by-step to the Ashtanga yoga system with emphasis on the vinyasa method - synchronization of movement with breath. Class will begin with the sun salutation sequences and the standing postures that make up the foundation of this practice, and will conclude with basic seated postures and a brief guided meditation.

Ashtanga yoga is a powerful and dynamic system of yoga that is suitable for anyone and everyone. The practice moves through a progressive series of postures that build internal heat, purifying the body, nervous system and mind. Benefits of the practice include increased flexibility and mobility, a toned and stronger body, improved cardiovascular fitness level, mental clarity, inner peace and an overall sense of well-being.

Join us for a free 30-minute guided meditation, a great way to end your week! In a guided meditation class, certain techniques such as mantra, breath, visualisation, mindfulness and spiritual teachings, are used to contribute towards a reflective state of being. These methods are simple and easy to do, directing your focus internally.

The Mysore-style setting is the most effective way of learning and practicing Ashtanga yoga. The class is named after the city in South India (Mysore), where Sri K. Pattabhi Jois taught and passed on the knowledge of yoga. It is a traditional method where students of all levels, beginners and experienced, are welcome to join the collective energy in the practice room. Students take individual responsibility of their yoga practice by flowing at their own pace, in their own time and with the rhythm of their own breath. 

Commonly referred to as self-practice,  Mysore-style is not a group led class. It is a safe environment in which students receive individual attention from the teacher with adjustments when necessary. This helps students to accomplish each posture in their own time at their own level while memorizing the correct sequence of postures. This in turn makes the practice a moving meditation of sorts where students go inwards without the distractions of following a teacher.

Mysore is often misunderstood as a class only for advanced students. This couldn't be further from the truth. Mysore classes are open to all levels, even if a student is not experienced or does not know the sequence by heart. All instruction is tailored to the student’s individual needs. Students can build up on what they learned before, and progress onto more advanced postures once ready.

Allow your mind and body to relax, heal and restore. Ideal for those who have strong asana practice, athletes, body issues and pain, stressful lifestyle, healthy people who wants to be more aware of what's going on in their mind and body. This is actually ideal for everyone! See how yoga poses can bring your body back into neutral alignment, prevent injuries, address the root imbalances of chronic pain thus, alleviate it, and restore your energies both physical and subtle through biomechanical alignment principles, weight bearing exercises, functional movements, breathwork, and restorative poses. Props such as blocks, bolsters, blankets, essential oils, etc., will be used, poses will be held longer and repetitively to imprint on the body a healthy memory pattern and eliminate harmful ones.


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