Ashtanga Yoga Posture In Ashtanga yoga, postures are grouped into 6 series known as primary, intermediate and advanced A, B, C and D. The format of each sequence is predetermined and remains the same always. The teacher does not deviate from the sequence, but gives modifications to students with injuries or in certain cases such as during pregnancy. The student practices the postures in the same order every time and gradually advances to the next posture once the teacher authorizes it. Primary series is the foundation of Ashtanga yoga and prepares the student to engage in all elements of the physical practice: yoga posture (asana), breathing technique, and gazing point (dristhi).

Mysore style, the traditional method of learning the practice, is a setting in which the student carries out a self-practice at his/her own pace while receiving guidance and instructions from the teacher. Each student is given individual attention and the teacher focuses on ensuring that beginners learn the sequence and practice in their own time.

Mysore style is suitable for all levels. It is a great opportunity to work closely with the teacher on challenging yoga poses and techniques. Timings are flexible - students come in for practice anytime within the hours that the class is running. Beginners can can expect to practice for 45-60 minutes. As you progress in your practice, it can take you up to 1 hour and 30 minutes

New to Ashtanga Yoga?

Mysore is often misunderstood as a class only for advanced students. This couldn't be further from the truth. A Mysore setting is the safest and most  effective way to learn, practice and progress in this style of yoga. Students new to the Ashtanga method are recommended to commit to attending a minimum of 3 Mysore classes per week. 

New to Mysore Style?

If so far your only exposure to Ashtanga yoga has been through guided led classes, we invite you to take the next step and join a Mysore class to experience Ashtanga as it is intended to be practiced. Don't worry about whether you can remember the sequence - the teacher will help you each step of the way. Interested students are also most welcome to observe a Mysore class before joining.

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